Conventional jewellery – rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings – is part of the modern woman’s everyday outfit. It is made up of personal items with high sentimental value, and yet she would never dare to wear a diamond studded gold hair clip in her hair, a piece worthy of the rest of the precious jewellery that she already owns.


For women, hair has always been about seduction: it is what first attracts attention, before even the face, eyes, or hands. The active lifestyle of the modern woman leaves her with less time to spend brushing her hair, keeping it in style every day; she tends to hold her hair in place with ordinary plastic looking, or metal hair clips, while the rest of her jewellery shines resplendent.


Lana Baryon, the jewellery maker behind BARYON, brings a luxurious touch to everyday fashion and invites women to replace their hair clips with her bejewelled creations. There is no need to wait to have the sophisticated hairstyle for a special occasion to accessorize with a BARYON hair clip that is at once practical and precious. Lana Baryon’s jewellery-clip sits as an exclamation mark in the hair, elegantly holding hair in place in a decidedly feminine style.


The woman who wears a jewellery clip is one who sees that the devil is in the details, and who has the good taste to know just what luxury means!


All BARYON jewellery-clips are handmade in the finest workshops by masters  jewellers whose craftsmanship is known throughout the world.


Lana Baryon founded BARYON in 2012, and to date her collection includes three ranges.

  • The Baryon Hair Clip is a definite must-have that can be worn for any occasion, day or night. 
    • A distinctly visual piece, the Baryon features alternating gold rectangles with different sized diamonds along a straight line. It is available in white, pink, and yellow gold.


  • The Art Deco Hair Clip is more sophisticated and reserved for special occasions like cocktail parties and weddings.


  • The clip’s sculpted lines can be traced back to the Art Deco style, which is also the inspiration behind Lana Baryon’s decision to use white, grey, or black mother-of-pearl, as well as onyx or malachite, etc.  


  • The Vintage Hair Clip is the only piece of its kind, and is perfect for important events. 
    • Lana Baryon gives old jewellery a new lease of life. It is her way of conserving antique French craftsmanship and contributing to sustainable development in art through, all with a sense of purpose.



  • Bespoke hair clip At her client’s request, Lana Baryon can turn any piece of jewellery into a hair clip. Her pieces combine memories and sentimental value with modern practicality for the first time.  
  • Every day  silver / Zircon hair Clip  has been decline in difrent models for every day wear.